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The Berlin Project is pushing the boundaries of new media and broadcast journalism.

By covering a modern day Germany 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, this five–member team – whose work has been published and broadcast on various high profile media outlets including the BBC, CNN, Sky News, Reuters, CBC and CanWest Media Works – will use multiple platforms to represent a new generation of interactive journalism.

The Berlin Project is merging traditional print, radio and television coverage with online social media tools making the coverage extensive and instant. Along with ‘traditional’ equipment, the team of reporters will have mobile phones [and other gadgets] with applications allowing them to stream live video and audio onto the web.

By using Twitter, AudioBoo, and Qik, among other tools, they’ll be keeping both the baby boomer and the web-savvy generations informed with up-to-date, accurate coverage.

This project is the successor to G20 London Live, a mobile reporting experiment which went on to be featured by the BBC. The high volume of visitors [80 000 unique hits] to a then unknown site showed that there is clearly a demand for an aggregation of traditional and new media coverage.

The Berlin Project team is backed by Reuters – the world’s leading news agency – for this one week project. With this support and positive feedback from the new media community, it’s set to be a success.

Material that’s produced by the Berlin Project team will be fed onto this host site, Facebook, and Reuters Online, making the coverage easily accessible [for you] across multiple platforms.

This is News 2.0.

You can contact the team here.

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